Get an energy efficient industry leading UPVC loft hatch or a bespoke made to measure loft hatch

Whether you need a loft hatch replacement, hatch enlargement or the relocation of the loft hatch, we are here to help.

Loft hatch replacement

If you live in a home which is more than 15 years old, it’s likely that your existing hatch is made out of ply wood or MDF and not insulated. It’s also likely that the hatch is the “push up” type, with no hinges making it difficult to open. We recommend installing a neat, insulated, swing down PVC hatch, together with a catch that is compatible with the ladder pole.

Loft hatch alterations

Many older loft hatches are very small and not suitable for easy access. Or perhaps you want a bigger hatch to fit a low angled or wide ladder. No problem! We can create purpose built loft hatches to suit your needs.

Loft hatch relocations

Want your loft hatch moving? We can do that! Contact us today to book your free home visit and fixed price quote. Loft hatches can be moved to a new location within a room or to a completely different room.

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